Special Offers

The Winner’s Package!   Some cards and bookmarks sell more successfully than others.  Our cards are ordered in packs of ten cards of each design, the bookmarks in packs of twelve.  We have put together for you a winner’s package with these advantages:


    Celebrations Design is proud to offer the “winners package” with the six cards and the three bookmarks you see here. This gives you a total of 30 cards and 18 bookmarks as a wonderful starter or a terrific supplement to your selection. We offer this selection at a special discount!

 Please call Cynthia for our pricelist!



bullet Winners:  Every one of these cards and bookmarks is a proven best-seller!
bullet Reduced cost:  This special gives you half-packs of each design and reduces your cost!
bullet Increased variety:  With little investment, you have a great religious selection!



Contact  cdovens@cox.net for orders, questions, or comments.  Cynthia Dovens (703) 318-1955